8 best French English dictionaries that every learner must have

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8 best French English dictionaries that every learner must have

Learning French requires a reliable French English dictionary, available in 2023 in print and mobile apps. Professionally edited dictionaries offer better translations, making the learning journey easier. Explore the best French English dictionaries for better learning experiences.

French-English print dictionaries

1.    Collins-Robert French Dictionary

Price: $65

obtainable through Amazon

An expensive but incredibly comprehensive French-English dictionary is the Collins-Robert. Even the most committed French learners have found it to be dependable, and it offers a wealth of contextual information for each word.

The Collins-Robert has a variety of sentences and phrases, which is a bonus because you can be certain you’re getting the full explanation of a term rather than just one key notion (as you may obtain through Google Translate, for instance).

2.    Oxford-Hachette Dictionary

between $28 and $55

obtainable through Amazon

If you are an experienced French learner who intends to seek up more challenging or specialized words, the Oxford-Hachette dictionary may be for you. It contains an incredible 900,000 words, largely slang and abbreviations from European French. In reality, it is suggested for university students and translators.

It offers sample emails, resumes, and important papers like bank statements and rent agreements, which are useful if you live in a French-speaking country, in addition to dictionary definitions.

These dictionaries help eliminate half of your issues if you have trouble learning French. You may learn how to utilize various French words in different contexts from them and expand your vocabulary.

3.    Langenscheidt Pocket Dictionary French

Price: $12

Available on: Amazon

You should carry the Langenscheidt Pocket Dictionary with you if you are looking for a dictionary that focuses on common terms. With at least 50,000 entries and translations from both French and English into English, it is still manageably compact.

If your level of French is B2 or lower, you should be able to read a newspaper with it and it should cover the majority of the terms you are looking for. Being the lightest print dictionary on this list, you can even take it on a trip with you. In fact, this dictionary will make your trip to any French-speaking country way more convenient and easier.

4.    Merriam-Webster’s French-English Dictionary

Price: $5

Available on: Amazon

The French spoken in France as well as in Canada are both covered in this print dictionary, which makes it somewhat unusual.

Words marked with the symbol “Can,” which denotes Canadian French, can be found throughout the dictionary. Examples include the words “5b” (peanut) and “depanneur” (repairman). This dictionary should be at the top of your list if you reside in or intend to visit Quebec.

You can look up a French or English word to find its translation, and it has at least 80,000 vocabulary words and phrases. The dictionary also includes lessons on nouns and verb conjugation, as well as French abbreviations, for reference.

5.    Ascendo

Price: $8.99

Available on: iOS | Android

Ascendo is one 4bvdmnewxmnw the more recent French-English dictionaries available, despite the fact that there are many others. It includes some pretty cool features like a verb conjugator, a large phrasebook, and a translator. The Swiss Army Knife of French-English dictionaries, essentially.

Ascendo is ideal for beginners because it also lets you test yourself on vocabulary. Ascendo’s offline audio pronunciation guide will be helpful for travelers, especially.

6.    WordReference

Price: Free

Available on: iOS | Android | Web

This app uses the same instantly recognizable purple color scheme as the well-known WordReference website. It functions well as a straightforward dictionary translation app. It offers grammatical and cultural explanations, making it excellent for reading and writing. Another useful feature is a verb conjugation.

The WordReference app gives users access to their renowned forums, where students can post queries about word choice and sentence construction in specific contexts, and native French speakers can respond.

7.    Larousse French-English Dictionary

Price: $4.99

Available on: iOS | Android | Web

Larousse is a well-known brand in the French lexicon industry. Because it gives users access to a wealth of proverbs, sayings, and idiomatic expressions, this app is excellent for students of all levels, especially those who want to concentrate on their reading and writing.

Links are included in each entry, facilitating easy cross-referencing. You can view words you’ve already looked up thanks to the search history feature. The app also functions offline, with the exception of its pronunciation guide, which needs an internet connection.

8.    Collins French-English Dictionary

Price: $17.99

Available on: iOS

When it comes to the Collins app, the saying “You get what you pay for” comes to mind. The app is just as valuable as the print version. It’s excellent for students of all proficiency levels and covers a wide range of vocabulary from various fields, along with verb conjugations in both French and English.

The “Language in Use” supplement of this app offers hundreds of examples of how to use vocabulary in everyday situations, including phone and email conversations.

Some apps also include pronunciation of French words and they can serve as a great strategy to learn French pronunciation. Being a language learner of modern times, it is essential for you to take advantage of every resource available online.

How to use a dictionary to learn French

To maximize the benefits of a French English dictionary, it’s essential to understand its intended use. To increase French vocabulary, read and see words in context, use pronunciation guides and phrasebooks when traveling, and look up perplexing terminology like abbreviations for work purposes. Maintain a word list, record words frequently, and pay attention to frequently used words. Repetition can indicate crucial words for specific content, so be sure to check for any unfamiliar words.

Print Dictionary or an App

These days, French dictionaries are without a doubt the more common choice. A phone is all that is required, and they are considerably more covert than print dictionaries. Dictionary apps may easily be updated to reflect the rapid evolution of the French language.

Despite having a more archaic appearance, print dictionaries do have one less evident benefit: they can inspire you to learn more. Since finding a term demands more work, your brain will be more likely to remember information. You inadvertently come across more words and expressions as you turn the pages, which may lead to you unintentionally picking up more new terms.


As you study French, you will likely look up terms far too often to count, so having the correct dictionary can make the process much simpler. If you choose one of the finest French English dictionaries described above, you will be well on your road to increasing your vocabulary.

By utilizing flashcards, make a note of new terms. Use them in your conversations, if you can. Your self-confidence will increase if you speak French in public. Make errors because that is how you will genuinely learn.

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