6 super-cool expressions to say good night in Japanese

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Japanese Language

6 super-cool expressions to say good night in Japanese

Some of you, particularly those who watch anime or have previously learned the language, might already be familiar with how to say goodbye in Japanese. Most likely, you learned the word “oyasumi” to say goodnight. But did you know that oyasumi is just one of several expressions you might use instead?

You will discover 9 original and hip Japanese phrases for saying goodbye in this course. Additionally, you will be able to determine which Japanese expression is appropriate in what circumstance. So let’s get going!

Learn to say good night in Japanese

1.    Goodnight

Japanese: おやすみ

Romaji: oyasumi

The most common and straightforward way to say goodnight in Japanese is おやすみ (oyasumi). This phrase can be used before going to bed or when leaving somewhere late at night and saying goodbye to your friends. If it’s late at night, you can use it before hanging up the phone.

Many Japanese learners get confused between Oyasumi and Oyasuminasai. おやすみなさい (oyasuminasai) is the more formal form of おやすみ (oyasumi). So, if you want to wish goodnight to someone who is your senior, in terms of ranking and age, you should use oyasuminasai. Japanese people generally use oyasumi for family members and friends.

2.    It’s time to get under the blanket

Japanese: そろそろおふとん入るね

Romaji: sorosoro ofuton hairune

This Japanese expression is frequently used to alert kids that bedtime is drawing near. They are required to finish their work and retire to bed. It’s also acceptable to say this to a close friend, but you shouldn’t use it among people who are older than you because it’s quite informal.

3.    Sweet dreams

Japanese: 良い夢見てね

Romaji: yoi yume mitene

This is the second-most popular way to say goodnight in Japan, behind oyasumi. Only use this expression with relatives and close friends because it is informal and casual.

4.    Let’s meet in our dreams

Japanese: また後で夢で会おうね

Romaji: mata atode yumede aoune

This expression in Japanese means “let’s meet in our dreams” or “see you again in our dreams.” This expression is exclusively acceptable for loving couples, as you might assume.

5.    Sleep tight

Japanese: ゆっくりおやすみ

Romaji: yukkuri oyasum

This Japanese proverb implies to sleep soundly and long enough to replenish your vitality for the following day. You can use this expression with anyone, with the exception of people who are more senior than you, because it is informal and casual.

6.    See you in the morning

Japanese: 朝にまた会いましょう

Romaji: asa ni mata aimashō

Japanese speakers frequently use this expression, which can be professional or informal depending on the circumstance. Use this phrase to bid a group of people farewell rather than good night. If you don’t see them tomorrow morning, it’s worthless to use this phrase.


The various methods to say good night in Japanese, as well as other phrases linked to sleep, have all been covered in this tutorial. These fundamental Japanese greetings will help you communicate more effectively in Japanese and bring you one step closer to understanding native Japanese speakers. learn with

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