Best Korean Movies for Learning Korean

Best Korean Movies for Learning Korean

Best Korean Movies for Learning Korean

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Exploring diverse language techniques is pivotal when mastering Korean. Watching Korean films contributes significantly to refining intonation, listening, and comprehension skills. However, when selecting movies for language learning, the modern version of Korean is advisable, avoiding older films due to language discrepancies.

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    So, how exactly can movies assist in studying Korean?

    Movies in their original language stimulate memory and cognitive abilities, providing exceptional brain-boosting activities. Learning Korean, considered a challenging language, can be facilitated through films, aiding in vocabulary, slang, dialects, accents, and cultural insights.

    Here’s a guide on leveraging movies for learning Korean effectively:

    Understanding Korean Movies as a Learning Tool:

    While movies alone might not suffice to attain proficiency, they significantly supplement a structured language course. For starters, watching with subtitles in your native language offers clarity in understanding dialogues and storylines.

    As you rewatch the movie sans subtitles, your focus shifts to listening comprehension. Having the scenes, patterns, expressions, and characters ingrained from the first viewing enhances language absorption.

    Where can one access Korean Films?

    Streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube offer a plethora of Korean movies. These platforms host numerous subtitled films, making it easier to follow the dialogues and grammar structures.

    Without further ado, here’s a curated list of 12 must-watch Korean movies for language learning:

    1. The Battleship Island (2017): Depicts forced labor of Koreans under Japanese occupation, offering a modern language version suitable for beginners.

    2. Chingu (2001): Explores the lives of friends in the underground gangster scene of Busan, challenging for Korean learners.

    3. Silmido (2003): Chronicles the Unit 684 assassination attempt on the North Korean leader, rich in social, political, and legal vocabulary.

    4. Oldboy (R) (2003): A classic vengeance movie with clear grammar and tone suitable for learners, albeit with an R rating.

    5. The Thieves (2012): Similar to “Ocean’s Eleven,” aids in focusing on sound and grammar direction due to its straightforward language.

    6. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (2003): Offers minimal dialogue, enabling viewers to understand Korean films without subtitles.

    7. My Sassy Girl (2001): A romantic comedy showcasing age dynamics and hierarchy rules in Korean, beneficial for beginners.

    8. The Host (2006): A sci-fi thriller with vivid project adjectives, enriching learners’ vocabulary.

    9. The Attorney (2013): Explores legal terminologies beneficial for learners interested in political and legal insight.

    10. Joint Security Area (2000): Based on the DMZ, great for beginners due to clear vocabulary in context.

    11. Memories of the Murder (R) (2003): A crime drama rich in metaphor, suitable for learners comfortable with gore and violence.

    12. Train to Busan (2016): A zombie apocalypse movie challenging Korean language skills while providing entertainment.

    While there are other famous R-rated films like “The Wailing” or “The Chaser,” these may not aid language improvement significantly.

    Engaging with these 12 movies can undoubtedly amplify your Korean language skills, expanding your vocabulary and enhancing listening and comprehension. Mastering Korean as a foreign language becomes an exciting journey with these immersive cinematic experiences.

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