Brazilian Fashion: Looking Like a local

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Brazilian Fashion: Looking Like a local

Visiting Brazil? Or perhaps you’re about to move there?

Well, here’s some tips on what to bring so you’re comfortable and don’t look too much like a tourist nd look for fashion.

Brazilians usually dress well because they like to look good. But they also like to dress in a casual way and with a sense of humour. They prefer cool, light fabrics that work better in warmer areas.

Keep in mind that the country is very big, and that the weather and styles in different parts of the country vary a lot. People in cities, for example, tend to dress in a more urban and modern style, while people in the country’s countryside tend to dress in a more colourful way.

Wherever you go, you can find a Brazilian street fashion trend that you can incorporate into your own style. Here are some tips for the most popular places to visit in Brazil.

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Don’t look like a stranger. Here’s what to bring on your trip to Rio, So Paulo, and other places in Brazil to help you fit in with the locals.

How to Dress for Brazil: Rio de Janeiro

Rio is one of Brazil’s most well-known towns and a big tourist trap. But you don’t have to look like one to be one. You don’t need to wear the Hawaiian shirt or the cargo shorts.

Rio is known for its beautiful beaches, woods, and other natural features, as well as its warm and sunny weather. This is mostly reflected in the style, which is all about loose, beautiful, and sensual clothes.
Men’s fashion in Rio

Men can always get by with board shorts, a simple t-shirt and flip-flops (“chinelos” in Brazilian Portuguese) for daily activities and exploring the city. This is a popular outfit for Cariocas, which is what people who were born and raised in Rio are called.

Rio’s fashion for women

Carioca women usually wear clothes with bright colours that make them feel happy. You’ll fit in if you wear clothes with tropical prints, polka dots, colourful lines, and odd shapes.

Short sundresses and long skirts are mainstays in a Cariocan woman’s closet, along with shoes or trainers. Locals will go straight from the beach to lunch or drinks, so if you want to cover up, bring a light dress or a loose t-shirt with shorts. Bikinis are only for the beach.

And don’t forget to add accessories! Use a great bag, wear some bold jewellery, and don’t forget your shades.

Dressing for Brazil: So Paulo

Sao Paulo is Brazil’s business center.

So Paulo is not a place with beaches or bright colors like Rio. Architecture, urban art, a busy (and sometimes chaotic) nightlife, and great restaurants all shape the scenery.

As a banking center, many people will be wearing suits, ties, and shoes to work. But tourists can choose from a lot of casual choices that will not make them look out of place.
Men’s fashion in So Paulo

Men who are not traveling for business can wear jogger pants or jeans with fun T-shirts and light jackets for daily activities. The jacket is also a must-have in every Paulistano’s closet and is often worn when it is cold.

What women in the northeast of Brazil wear

Women in this part of Brazil almost never wear long pants during the day, but you might see them at parties or events at night when it is cooler.

During the day, you will see women wearing dresses of different lengths, colors, and patterns. Also very popular in these places are miniskirts and light blouses, which can be worn with white shoes or low or medium heels.

Jackets are not usually worn during the day in this part of Brazil; people will look at you funny if you do. (You will not want to wear one even if you could.) But when you go out at night, a leather jacket can look great with your outfit.

Dressing for Brazil: the South

The area below Sao Paulo that neighbors Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay is in the south of Brazil. Curitiba and Florianopolis are two of the biggest cities in this area. It has a much cooler temperature than the rest of Brazil.

Because of this, people in these places tend to wear clothes with heavier fabrics and less bright colors. Particularly when it comes to culture and clothes, Curitiba is a bit more conservative, and even when it is hot, people tend to wear less flashy styles.

To look like a Brazilian in these areas, you should always have a light jacket or sweater with you in case it gets cool in the middle of the day.
Men’s fashion in the southern part of Brazil

Cities in the South are good places to wear jeans, pants, short- or long-sleeved shirts, and a coat or light jacket.

But do not forget to bring some light clothes like shorts and t-shirts so you can enjoy the hot days and beaches in this area. Florianopolis has a lot of very nice beaches.

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