Christmas words that start with A

A words

Christmas words that start with A

Teach Your Kids Christmas Words That Start With A To Make It Fun And Educational
Christmas is amazing. Joy, love, cheer, giving, and forgiving are in the air. Many look forward to spending time with family and friends and making lifelong memories. All the excitement, food, family, friends, and gifts make this time of year especially delightful for kids. Keep your child entertained with Christmas-themed learning this Christmas. Teach them kid words, especially Christmas words that start with A.

Learning is neglected in all the excitement and festivities. After the holidays, your youngster will remember little of what they learnt. You must start afresh to refresh your child’s memory. Why should studying be neglected among all the fun? Help children learn these Christmas words that start with A to expand their vocabulary while having fun.

Let’s make Christmas joyful and educational for your kids. Christmas games and activities are a fun way to help your youngster learn throughout the holiday. Additionally, it can be enjoyable! This may be your family’s new Christmas tradition.

Christmas is a terrific opportunity to teach your child new words from school. The 12 days of Christmas teach your toddler new words. Start learning Christmas words. Always start at the beginning of the alphabet when teaching your youngster new words. This list includes Christmas terms that begin with A. We provided meanings to each word to help your child understand.

Christmas Words Beginning With A

This Christmas word game can assist your child enrich their vocabulary.


The adjective ample denotes abundant or more than enough.

For instance, Christmas pudding and sweets are plentiful.


Accepting means taking or receiving something with happiness or approval.

For instance, thanks for accepting my family’s present.

Advent Calendar:

Christmas advent calendars represent the days running up to Christmas. A small card with numbered flaps or a huge box with tiny numbered compartments are examples. These flaps or divisions are opened daily from Advent through Christmas. Each flap or compartment has a picture or gift (candy or trinket) representing December days.

I can’t believe we’re over 10 days into the Advent Calendar—we should complete our Christmas shopping.


Add something to make someone or something more beautiful. Adorn means decorate.

For instance, decorate the Christmas tree around the holidays.


Adoration is respect, veneration, great adoration, or devotion to someone, somewhere, or something.

For instance: The proud parents watched their child receive the trophy with awe.


Affection denotes enjoying and caring for something.

For instance, she loved her village, which helped her through hard times.


Anglitter means sparkling, especially with reflected light.

The kids adored the big, illuminated Christmas tree.


An adjective meaning something or someone is glowing or gleaming brightly with a lovely, warm light.

The sky was filled with fireworks on New Years Eve.


Angels are superhuman beings considered to be God’s messengers. It’s also an adjective meaning kind.

Example: Jane is an angel, helping me with all my work.


Angelic denotes beautiful, pure-hearted, holy, and loving.

Example: The boy smiled angelically.


Deer, Reindeer (Caribou), Elk, and Moose have branching antlers.


Anticipation is enthusiasm about something good coming up.

The kids were excited to open the gifts under the tree.


The word fragrance indicates a tasty smell.

The smell of freshly made cookies was delicious.


An artificial Christmas tree is a fir or pine tree made for Christmas. Artificial Christmas trees are primarily plastic. They replace natural trees because they may be reused or recycled. Compared to actual trees, they require less watering and cleaning.

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