French Language


What You Need to Know: How to Read French Hand Signals

Did you know that body language makes up 55% of how we talk? AND MAKE IT HILARIOUS

The tone of voice is responsible for 38%, while vocal cues are responsible for a huge 7%.

As you can see, there is a lot more to conversation than what meets the eye.

If you want to learn French, you can’t forget about the French hand motions AND HILARIOUS.

People who are learning a language often forget how important body language can be for figuring out what is going on in a talk. If you don’t know how to use common gestures, you might miss out on 55% of the talk.

The most common gestures in French and what they mean
Check out these popular French gestures that are both useful and downright funny so that the next time you practice your French, you’ll know what to do and find it hilarious

“I Don’t Trust You” by Mon Oeil

To make this sign, pull down on your eye with your middle finger and make a serious, pointed face. This is a way of saying, “You’re so full of it!”

(Fun fact: Mon oeil means “my eye,” which is why people look at their eyes.)

You could also fill your face with air and blow it out with your finger. It tells someone that you think they are lying or inflating, just like mon oeil.

C’est Rasoir – It’s Boring or I’m Bored

If you are bored, you can show it by running the backs of your fingers up and down your chin several times. This small move can get your friend’s attention and help you get out of a position you’d rather not be in. C’est rasoir means “it’s razor” in French.

People’s body language often lets us know when they’re not interested, but this move is used to tell a friend that they’re not interested.

Et Toc / Dans Les Dents – Take That / Told You So

To make this sign, put your thumb under your chin and then move it outward in a circle. It can mean take that, I told you so, or that’s payback.

It’s a mocking movement that can be used in a serious way or as a joke with friends or family.

Dans les dents is a different way to say et toc, which is said the same

Avoir Un Coup Dans Le Nez – To Be Drunk

Take one hand and touch your thumb over and over to the rest of your fingers, almost like you’re doing it in Italian.

People from the United States might say, “Show me the money!” which is very American. But in French, it means “I’m afraid.”

When I told a French girl I was going to Brazil, I told her:

T’es pressée d’y aller? → Are you looking forward to going?

In response, she said:

Oui, mais… → Yes, but… in this way.

I said “Oh, expensive!” She said, “No, I’m afraid!”

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