How learning Japanese can be beneficial for your career

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How learning Japanese can be beneficial for your career

The benefits of learning something new, like as a new language, usually outweigh the negligible drawbacks, thus one should never stop studying. Japanese is a great foreign language to learn if you want to advance your career and work for multinational corporations (MNCs) or abroad.

Let’s explore in more detail how studying Japanese can benefit your professional development in this article.

It is crucial to understand that Japan, the third-largest economy in the world, has been welcoming foreign workers into its vibrant nation due to the chronic labour shortage brought on by its ageing population. Japan’s corporations are also expanding their operations globally. whether they are blue-collar or white-collar,

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    Japanese companies in Japan offer a plethora of job benefits:

    Various sources claim that the pay paid in Japan is superior to the pay offered for the identical role in India. Just have a look at the project manager base wages on average in Japan and India (IT industry).

    Project manager base wage in India’s IT sector, on average

    INR – ₹1,519,086.00
    JYP – ¥22,80,248.35

    Average base salary of a Project Manager (IT industry) in Japan:

    INR – ₹59,42,179.76
    JYP – ¥8,930,000.00.

    Job Stability:

    Take a look at this article by James Abegglen from 1958 about the employee-employer relationship system in Japan when it comes to job stability.

    “… the employee pledges himself to the company upon joining for the duration of his working career. Other than in the direst situations, the corporation won’t even temporarily fire him. He won’t leave the company to work in the industry elsewhere. He belongs to the corporation in much the same way as Americans belong to their families, fraternal organisations, and other close-knit communities.

    Keep in mind that this won’t be the case with temporary, freelancing, and contract-based jobs. Additionally, given the shifting nature of the labour market, job security is dependent on


    In a ranking of 37 retirement income systems published in October 2019 by the Monash Centre for Financial Studies in partnership with international consultant Mercer, Japan came in at number 31 followed by India at number 32. The index values for Japan and India were 48.3 and 45.8, respectively.


    Japan, one of the biggest and most advanced economies in the world, surpasses a developing nation like India in terms of innovation and technology. Therefore, there are undoubtedly more opportunities to improve one’s skills in Japan.


    The quality, productivity, innovation, efficiency, and flexibility of the Japanese management system set something apart. Many nations, like India, have figured out how to incorporate Japan’s work management system into their own.

    The benefits of working in Japan or for a Japanese company anywhere in the world are evident from the aforementioned factors, and they will aid in both your professional and personal development. If you work in Japan and are fluent in Japanese, you can anticipate higher salaries, productivity, perks, and chances to advance your career.

    It is crucial that you speak and comprehend Japanese if you want to work in Japan and earn a good salary and perks. We advise you to pass the Japanese language exam.



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