How to Say Good Morning in Korean: 7 Ways to Start Your Day Courteously

Korean Language

How to Say Good Morning in Korean: 7 Ways to Start Your Day Courteously

A polite greeting sets a pleasant tone for the day and promotes positive interactions. Learn Korean “Good Morning” to respect culture and communicate with locals during travel. We’ll go through seven various methods to say “Good Morning” in Korean in this article so you can start the day in a nice and suitable way.

좋은 아침 (joeun achim): 

The most common way to say “Good Morning” in Korean is “좋은 아침.” It is a straightforward and universally understood greeting used in formal and informal settings alike.

안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo): 

“Hello” is a common greeting and friendly way to say “Good Morning” in casual situations.

신촌 안에서 좋은 아침 (sinchon aneseo joeun achim): 

This phrase adds the location “Sinchon” to the greeting, which is a neighborhood in Seoul. It can be a great way to greet someone in a specific area or when you want to acknowledge the locality you’re in.

아침에 일어나서 좋은 하루 보내세요 (achime ireonaseo joeun haru bonaeseyo):

This phrase translates to “After waking up in the morning, have a good day.” It’s a warm and considerate way to wish someone a positive day ahead.

즐거운 아침 되세요 (jeulgeoun achim doeseyo): 

Similar to the previous phrase, this one translates to “Have a pleasant morning.” It expresses your desire for the person to have an enjoyable start to their day.

일찍 일어나셨네요 (iljjik ireonasyeossneyo): 

This phrase translates to “You woke up early.”Compliment early risers with friendly remark.

잘 주무셨어요? (jal jumusyeosseoyo?): 

Phrase “Did you sleep well?” is a polite, caring greeting for morning friends.


Greeting someone in their language at the beginning of the day demonstrates respect and fosters cross-cultural communication. You may strengthen your ties to Korean culture and make a good impression on locals by being familiar with these seven methods to say “Good Morning” in Korean. Incorporating these welcomes into your daily encounters will improve your interactions and make your mornings more enjoyable, whether you’re planning a trip to Korea or simply want to improve your language abilities.

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