How to Say Good Night in Korean Language: Ways to End Your Day Graciously

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How to Say Good Night in Korean Language: Ways to End Your Day Graciously

At the conclusion of the day, saying “good night” is a kind and courteous approach to part ways. In Korean culture, sending good wishes before bed is a considerate act that demonstrates care and consideration. We will look at many methods to say good night in Korean in this article, enabling you to do it politely and build lasting relationships with Korean speakers.

잘 자요 (jal jayo):

The most typical and direct method to express “good night” in Korean is with the word “jal jayo.” It is a polite term that means “sleep well” and is frequently used.

  • Example: 친구에게 잘 자요! (Chinguege jal jayo!) – Good night to my friend!

좋은 꿈 꾸세요 (joheun kkum kkuseyo): 

Alternatively, you might say “have good dreams” (joheun kkum kkuseyo), which is another way to wish someone good night. This phrase offers a further dash of optimism and best wishes for restful and enjoyable dreams.

  • Example: 가족들에게 좋은 꿈 꾸세요! (Gajokdeurege joheun kkum kkuseyo!) – Have good dreams, family!

푹 쉬세요 (puk swiseyo): 

To encourage a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep, you can say 푹 쉬세요 (puk swiseyo), which means “rest well.” This expression conveys the wish for deep relaxation and a refreshing break.

  • Example: 오늘 하루 수고했어요. 푹 쉬세요! (Oneul haru sugohaesseoyo. Puk swiseyo!) – You’ve worked hard today. Rest well!

안녕히 주무세요 (annyeonghi jumuseyo):

Angeonghi jumuseyo, which translates to “sleep well,” is a bit more formal and respectful way to say good night. When speaking to seniors or expressing the utmost respect, this term is frequently employed.

  • Example: 할머니, 안녕히 주무세요. (Halmeoni, annyeonghi jumuseyo.) – Grandma, sleep well.

즐겁게 꿈꾸세요 (jeulgeopge kkumkkuseyo): 

Use (jeulgeopge kkumkkuseyo), which means “have fun dreaming,” as a positive and uplifting alternative to “good night.” This phrase expresses the desire for happy and enjoyable dream encounters.

  • Example: 즐거운 밤 되세요! 즐겁게 꿈꾸세요! (Jeulgeoun bam doeseyo! Jeulgeopge kkumkkuseyo!) – Have a pleasant evening! Have enjoyable dreams!


Saying “good night” in Korean is a lovely way to end your day on a positive and respectful note. By incorporating expressions like 잘 자요 (jal jayo), 좋은 꿈 꾸세요 (joheun kkum kkuseyo), 푹 쉬세요 (puk swiseyo), 안녕히 주무세요 (annyeonghi jumuseyo), and 즐겁게 꿈꾸세요 (jeulgeopge kkumkkuseyo), you can convey your well wishes and show consideration for those around you—practice using these phrases to foster meaningful connections with Korean speakers and create a warm atmosphere before bedtime. Sleep well and have sweet dreams! So, if you want to learn another terms in Korean then you can find the best Korean Classes in vashi.

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