If You Know English Then French Is Easy For You

French Language

If You Know English Then French Is Easy For You

Most individuals will probably answer this question with a resounding “no.” Many native English speakers find it difficult to learn French because of the language’s reputation as difficult to master. Given its Romance origins, many words and phrases may seem familiar to English speakers. French, however, nonetheless has many particular elements that might be challenging for native English speakers to master.

If you want to study a foreign language that is both interesting and easy to grasp, French may be your best bet. More than 275 million individuals throughout the globe use French as their first language. Like Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, it is a Romance language. So, for English speakers, picking up some basic French phrases is easy. Due to France’s prominent position in the European Union and its thriving economy, learning French may be beneficial in many ways.

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    why french is considered easy to learn?

    Only the vowels with accents and the c cédille (ç) separate the French and English alphabets; the other 26 letters are the same.

    Although at its inception, English is a Germanic language, it has altered through time as a consequence of the effect of other Germanic languages, Latin, and French. Old English began to emerge during Middle English when William the Conqueror conquered England in 1066, and the language has grown since then.

    As a consequence, English has profited tremendously from the French vocabulary. One to two thirds of the vocabulary used presently in English is regarded to have its origins in French. Despite certain lexical differences, the two languages have a lot of similarities (une girafe, du boeuf, un protocole, etc.).

    Many English terms have French roots, and vice versa. English has surpassed Chinese as the most widely spoken language in the world (a parking spot, a gentleman, a hamburger, a job, etc.).

    These terms can considerably enhance your vocabulary as a natural English speaker. Beware of phoney friends as even if certain words may appear to have the same meaning, they might fact indicate something entirely different.

    4 reasons why french is easy to learn

    you don’t have to start everything from scratch

    You haven’t got anything
    There are many similarities between the English and French alphabets and languages. English and French share the greatest vocabulary with any two Romance languages (which includes the likes of Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian). If you’re interested in learning French from the ground up, the best option is to enrol in French lessons in Mumbai.

    it’s not difficult to identify the gender

    One of the most difficult aspects of learning French for native English speakers is adapting to the idea that every word has its own gender. While French wine is referred to as “he,” French furniture is more often referred to as “she.” It’s not hard to identify gender differences in French, but German’s genders are so arbitrary that they drive everyone crazy

    Numerous accent marks in french

    Though there are several regional variations in pronunciation, the number of vowels in French is same to that in English.

    Cedilla is pronounced as (Cédille).

    Accent Shock: é (Accent Aigu)

    Turnaround: â (Accent Circonflexe)

    Deathly Accent: à (Accent Grave)

    Umlaut/Diresis: (Accent Tréma).

    Those unfamiliar with the terminology may find this discouraging. However, they are not impossible to learn and master. You may quickly become proficient in the use of French accent marks with the guidance of a useful guide.

    your french vocabulary gets easier

    There are languages that are easier to pick up at first but become more difficult to master later on. Nonetheless, if you already have a solid grasp of English, French is one of those languages that seems difficult at first but eventually becomes easier.

    The French word for apple is pomme, for automobile is voiture, for mother is mère, and so on. As your fluency grows, though, you’ll notice that much of the vocabulary is quite close to, if not identical to, that of English. All choices are the same, all farming is the same, and so on. Usually, we only drastically alter the way we say these words.

    Take advantage of the top French Institute in Mumbai right now to begin learning French. One may take French courses in Mumbai or enrol in French programmes in Mumbai.



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