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Jobs in china for Indian

Jobs in china for Indian – Where can I start looking for a job in China? How can I work in China? How do I get a job in China?

Jobs in china for Indian – At the moment, China categorises foreigners into three different groups: A (Alien Talents), B (Alien Professionals), and C (Other Foreigners) (Alien Normal). In most cases, the vast majority of individuals will fall within category B. Additionally, classifications A and B are eligible to apply for work permits.

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    Jobs in china for Indian – You are going to need two things in order to work legally in China: one is a work permit, which used to be a red booklet but is now a card, and the other is a residency permit because of employment (this one is what you call a visa since it is stamped into your passport). The “State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs” is the organisation that issues work permits, while the “Division of Exit-entry Administration of Public Security Bureau” is the organisation that issues residential permits.

    Because of the collapse of the global economy, a great number of companies have gone out of business, which has made it more difficult for competent employees to find employment. The smooth financial thread that has been spinning out of Eastern big China has continued to do so. Regardless of whether or not the economy is in a slump, China has a large number of work opportunities. The reason for this is that China has started to open its doors to the rest of the world and develop its economic sector, both of which have contributed to an improved economic environment. Shanghai and Beijing have recently emerged as the cities of choice for those who are interested in pursuing lucrative careers.

    As a result of the relocation of the headquarters of a large number of multinational corporations to the Asian behemoth, China has come to seem more welcoming than a variety of other countries.

    The Top 10 Jobs Available to Foreign Nationals in China (Expat Jobs)

    The Top 10 Jobs Available to Foreign Nationals in China (Expat Jobs)
    Opportunities for Employment in China for Indian Nationals

    The following is a list of factors that might be helpful for Indians who are interested in exploring employment opportunities in China:

    China extends invitations to people who are not only informed but also skillful. In general, persons in the senior classification have a lot of options to choose from in terms of potential employment. Getting beyond the barrier of language might be difficult if you want to fully immerse yourself in the culture. On the other hand, one might immediately enroll in Chinese lessons to overcome these challenges. If you are able to speak and understand at least some level of Mandarin, your chances of landing a dream job will be significantly increased.

    • Opportunities for employment in China available to Indians Financial and economic options
    • Both accounting and finance are included here.
    • In addition to advertising and marketing, sales are a primary focus.
    • Design jobs (task supervisors, civil designers, team leads).
    • Legal jobs (translational and Legal Advisor).
    • Capital invested in people (experts, professionals— an essential requisite for the job is a great understanding of Mandarin).
    • Mentor jobs (Primarily ESL).
    • Promotional Communications and Creative Advertising
    • Investigations in the fields of medicine and public health.
    • Within the industrial industry: sales, promotion, and formulation of strategic plans.
    • Program developers, web designers in IT.
    Jobs in china for Indian
    Jobs in china for Indian

    Jobs in china for Indians in detail

    Trade/Commerce ( Legal Export / Import Advisor) (Quality Supervisor)
    Trade/Commerce jobs in china
    Trade/Commerce in china

    The Yiwu International Expo Center is also known as the Yiwu International Expo
    It is possible that China would not have been able to achieve the level of vast worldwide growth that it has attained today if not for commerce. What good does it do if China is capable of producing almost any product conceivable at such cheap manufacturing costs if these items never make it outside of the country? Since the beginning of China’s lengthy history, when the Silk Road was first used as a trade route, the commercial exchange has been the primary means by which the country has been linked to the rest of the globe. This has been true right up to the present day. The New Silk Road is expected to open up new commercial prospects.

    Today, businesspeople from all over the globe have discovered methods to significantly increase their profits by simply purchasing food from China. This stuff is then loaded into shipping containers and transported back to their respective countries, where it is resold at much higher prices. Places like the manufacturing behemoth Guangzhou or the charming small “factory-town” Yiwu are packed with aspirational individuals from other countries who are working their way up the wealth ladder via business and trade.

    Careers in education ( English Teaching jobs / Yoga Teacher Jobs )

    If you happen to run across a random foreigner while strolling the streets of any city in China, there is a very good possibility that he or she is there to teach English. China Highlights features articles written by international students currently studying in China. In recent years, working as a teacher in China has emerged as one of the most common reasons for individuals from other countries to relocate to the country, and this trend is expected to continue.

    Conditions that must be met in order to work in the field of English language education.

    1. Have a significant amount of experience instructing students in English.
    2. Have a certificate in either Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESL), or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TEFL) (teaching English as a foreign language)
    3. Learn some Mandarin Chinese in order to gain a competitive advantage, as this would allow you to communicate with more people.

    Despite the fact that in recent years the teaching profession has been the subject of considerable debate (mostly as a result of an increase in the number of teachers who are either untrained or working illegally), it continues to be the field that provides the most opportunities for ex-pats looking for work. The fact that education is considered to be one of the most significant cultural values in China is shown by the fact that children start participating in rigorous educational programs at a very early age. It should not come as a surprise, therefore, that instructors from other countries are in such great demand and are required in a wide variety of educational institutions, ranging from kindergartens to universities and specialized training facilities.

    There is a wide range of salaries available for teaching jobs, most of which are determined by the type of institution being taught in and the price band in which the city is located (first-tier cities will pay significantly more), but in general, teaching jobs overseas can be more lucrative than teaching jobs back in one’s home country and include excellent benefits while requiring significantly less effort.

    Yoga teacher/instructor, you can not teach in China (Whereas in India, such qualification is not required, anybody can teach, which, I strongly oppose and discourage). In China, the yoga profession is highly rewarded in terms of income and it is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is equivalent to other health-related industries. Obviously, these qualification requirements are mandatory in China.

    In India, there are various Institutions/Universities offering certificate courses, graduation, post-graduation, diploma courses, and a Doctorate in yoga. One best example is SVYASA YOGA UNIVERSITY in Bangalore, Karnataka State. This is where I did my Master’s and Ph.D. in yoga. With these qualifications, you are eligible to teach yogaChina. Good luck!

    IT/Tech ( IT Engineer / Tech-developer / International Tech Consultant )
    selective focus photography of man facing computer
    IT Engineer

    The information technology sector is perhaps the industry that is expanding at the quickest rate anywhere in the globe, and this is much more obvious in China, where technology is becoming an integral part of people’s daily lives. In China, paying for things, shopping, placing food orders, and even purchasing tickets for planes and trains are all able to be done via smartphones, and the country as a whole is quite advanced technologically.

    Keeping this in mind, the incredibly demanding and competitive information technology sector is constantly searching for fresh new talent, especially from outside. This is because employees from other countries can help integrate Chinese technological achievements with those of the rest of the world and assist create a worldwide presence.

    To reiterate, the level of difficulty in this line of work is quite high, and the length of the workday for both Chinese and non-Chinese workers may sometimes be quite extraordinary. Shenzhen, for example, which is a city that is often labeled as China’s “Silicon Valley,” is known for its very attractive and high-paying job opportunities in the information technology sector. However, Shenzhen is also notoriously known for the crazy work hours, which are often labeled as the ” 9-9-6 system,” meaning working from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., 6 days a week!

    Writing/Media ( English Creative head / International content specialist)
    English Creative head jobs in china
    English Creative head jobs in china

    Foreigners who reside in or travel through China immediately become valuable sources of information. This is because they have the advantage of experiencing a new way of life and culture through the eyes of an outsider, and they can report this information back to the rest of the world. China is home to over a billion people, making it one of the most populous countries in the world. Because of this, businesses in the fields of writing, editing, and content development are constantly looking for fresh voices that have original things to say to offer.

    The need for English-language content in China’s news, media, and other forms of content-based marketing is quite high, particularly in light of the fact that China is undergoing one of its most rapid periods of modernization to date. These kinds of occupations may include a wide variety of topics, including travel, the lifestyle of expatriates, current events or news, and reporting on certain industries.

    The firm known as China Highlights employs both native editors from other countries and freelance editors and writers. They assist us in communicating with our audience in English (and other languages… see foot of page) and provide a non-Chinese point of view on travel and living in China.

    Marketing ( International Marketing Consultant / International Sales head)
     International Sales head jobs in China
    International Sales head jobs in China

    The fact that competent marketing activities are essential to the survival of any company everywhere in the globe is excellent news for anyone seeking employment in China who is located outside of China. There is an unending quantity of new startups and established organizations in China, which means that there is always a significant need for skilled foreign talent in the sectors linked to marketing. Some of these industries include brand strategy, design, and advertising.

    Because China is relatively new to these disciplines in comparison to the West, specialists from other countries are in great demand and are required to assist in both the process of entering domestic markets and selling products internationally.

    Restaurants/Bars (the Food and Beverage Industry)
    Restaurants/Bars Jobs in China
    Restaurants/Bars Jobs in China

    Since the turn of the century, China has been seeing a proliferation of foreign-owned restaurants, cafés, and bars throughout the country. These establishments can be found in China’s major first-tier cities as well as in smaller, more isolated communities.

    People from the neighborhood who are looking for a genuine experience of a different culture would very certainly choose to patronize a business that is owned by an ex-pat, and other ex-pats who live in the neighborhood will almost certainly visit the business on a regular basis in order to receive a taste of what they are used to back in their home country.

    Many owners of restaurants and bars can become very successful, and some of them even go on to franchise their businesses across the country if they know how to effectively market themselves and integrate both the culture of their home country and the culture of the Chinese community where they live and work.

    Art/Music/Performance ( Sell your Art or Music or work in A Drama or Movie)
    Music/ Drama Jobs in China
    Music/ Drama Jobs in China

    From music to dance to painting and everything in between, China has always maintained a healthy appreciation and enthusiasm for western and international forms of artistic expression.

    Foreign artists have discovered a unique chance to become lucrative in their area of expertise in many of the more modernized cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen. At the same time, they are helping to introduce these foreign art forms to new audiences.

    Engineering ( Civil Engineer / Architect)
    Civil Engineer jobs in China
    Civil Engineer jobs in China

    The Three Gorges Dam is only one example of China’s great achievements in contemporary engineering.
    Even though China does not lack local talent and, in fact, has significantly higher rates of students going into engineering and other technical fields of study, there is still the understanding that for such specialized fields, experience is key, and therefore, foreign experts are highly valued for their ability to take on jobs of this nature. This has resulted in China having a high demand for foreign experts who are able to take on jobs of this nature.

    The majority of China’s major construction projects have been overseen by consultants and architects from other countries. Heavy industries in China, such as energy or autos, depend on the direction and training of specialists from other countries since the nation is still in the process of learning from what the rest of the world may be better or more experienced at doing. China has been in the business of learning from what the rest of the world may be better or more experienced at doing for many years.

    Managerial Jobs (Positions in Management / Department head)
    man teaching woman in front of monitor
    Managerial Jobs in China

    There is a huge need for foreign managers to assist mediate the transition between the overseas headquarters and the local Chinese branches since so many international businesses and corporations are keen to grow their operations in China. This demand is being driven by the fact that so many international businesses and corporations want to expand their operations in China. This is the reason why, Jobs in china for Indian over the course of many years, international managers from almost every field conceivable have migrated to China in order to assist in the smooth running of global operations, linking the best of both worlds, and making the company more lucrative.

    These kinds of managers often get advantages that are unheard of in other fields of business, such as large residences, expensive vehicles, and even personal drivers in addition to highly generous salaries. Of course, a very high level of experience is necessary, and the level of competition may be rather strong, in order to be considered for such an appealing management post abroad. Having said that, this particular line of work offers an incredible breadth and depth of chances in China.

    Accommodations and Tourism ( Tourist Manager / Tour planner / Tour translator)

    In recent years, China’s domestic tourist industry has been booming at an astonishing pace, and it shows no indications of slowing down in the near future. Travelers from all over the globe continue to visit the nation in order to see the incredible growth of its major cities, participate in the country’s one-of-a-kind culture, or take in the stunning natural landscape and historical landmarks.

    This rapidly expanding industry is acutely aware that providing excellent service is essential to preserving the happiness of incoming tourists. As a result, businesses in the hospitality sector, including hotels, travel agencies, tour guidance companies, and other associated service providers, are actively recruiting international candidates for open positions.

    Also, read our article on “How to learn Chinese in 30 days” This is a guide to learning Chinese fastest way ever possible.

    The submission of the following items is the very first step in your application:

    A cover letter explaining why you are the best candidate for the job that you are applying for. It is important to take note that lengthy cover letters are not very often used in China. Nevertheless, you should at least explain why you want to be considered for the position before submitting your application. The standard length for a return to or curriculum vitae is around two pages. In China, there are no specific guidelines to follow while writing cover letters. Nevertheless, your curriculum vitae should at the very least contain some of the following: biographical information, work experience, educational background, skills and accomplishments, and professional objectives.

    Keep in mind that the Chinese have a somewhat subdued manner of giving information about themselves; as a result, any “bragging” in your curriculum vitae will almost certainly result in an adverse reaction. Keep your focus on the truth, and let the facts speak for themselves. Copies of all of your degrees and other levels of achievement. Because education is highly valued by Chinese businesses, you are required to include all of your degrees on the application, regardless of how many you have earned.

    Imagine that the organization or institution to which you have applied is considering taking you on as a customer. In this scenario, for Jobs in china for Indian the following step that would most likely be taken is to have an interview over the phone. Imagine that you have anything to do with a major corporation. If this is the case, you should also anticipate being required to participate in a number of traditional face-to-face job interviews. Be humble, as you would be expected to be in any form of the job interview, but do describe your motivation and the talents that make you fit for the position.

    Visa Requirements for Indian Nationals and Laws Governing Employment in China

    Aside from these 10 common options, there are virtually an infinite number of career routes and employment choices available to non-natives and business owners, and the possibilities for making a livable wage that is commensurate with one’s efforts are only limited by one’s imagination. There are always going to be challenges associated with a choice like that, particularly in regards to the legality of working in China, despite the fact that doing so is an appealing alternative.

    Make sure you are aware of China’s regulations, work requirements, and the corresponding work visa that is required for legal employment before you ever contemplate pursuing a career in China. This will help to guarantee that your time in China is spent in a way that is both secure and fruitful.

    COVID 19 Visa for Indians

    three women in surgical face masks
    COVID 19 Visa for Indians

    2022-07-02 13:19

    The Chinese Embassy in India optimized the testing requirements for China-bound passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic and updated the “Notice on Application of Green Health Code for China-bound Passengers from India”, which will be implemented from 1 July, 2022.

    Notice on Application of Green Health Code for China-bound Passengers from India
    Ⅰ. Double-Nucleic Acid (RT-PCR) Tests before Boarding

    All the passengers traveling to China by flight should take double-nucleic acid (RT-PCR) tests before boarding in the labs authorized by the Indian Council of Medical Research (hereinafter referred to as ICMR, lists of labs please refer to the website:

    1. Take the first nucleic acid (RT-PCR) test of COVID-19 within 48 hours before boarding.

    2. Take the second nucleic acid (RT-PCR) test of COVID-19 within 24 hours before boarding. The two nucleic acid tests shall be taken in two different labs, using different detection reagents, with an interval of more than 24 hours.

    II. Apply for Green Health Code

    Apply to the Chinese Embassy or Consulates-General in India for Green Health Code with the “HS/HDC” mark by logging on the website of (for Foreign Nationals) via computer or smart phone, or by logging on “Epidemic Prevention Health Code International Version” WeChat Mini Program (For Chinese nationals), declare your information and health condition as well as upload the following scanned documents:

    1. Upload Test Reports

    The first nucleic acid (RT-PCR) test report with its sample was collected within 48 hours before boarding.

    The second nucleic acid (RT-PCR) test report with its sample collected within 24 hours before boarding, which is issued by a different lab, using a different detection reagent, and with an interval of more than 24 hours between the two tests.

    The two negative nucleic acid (RT-PCR) test reports of COVID-19 should be issued by labs authorized by ICMR, which should be machine-printed, not hand-written, and with a QR code.

    2. Besides the test reports, the following materials should also be uploaded:

    A. Passport information page.

    B. Foreign Nationals should upload valid Chinese Visas issued after 26 March 2020, or valid Chinese Residence Permits for work, personal matters, resident journalists, and family reunions, or valid Chinese Permanent Residence Card.

    C. Flight tickets or booking itinerary of the whole trip.

    D. Reservation of COVID-19 Nucleic acid (RT-PCR) tests in the labs of the transiting country if transiting via a third country to China.

    E. Certificates of Vaccination of Chinese-made vaccines or vaccines approved for use by WHO, if having been already vaccinated.

    Ⅲ. Health-monitoring Requirement for Passengers with COVID-19 Infection History

    Passengers who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or tested positive for nucleic acid (RT-PCR) test should be considered as passengers with COVID-19 infection history. Passengers with COVID-19 infection history, having received two negative nucleic acid (RT-PCR) test reports issued by two different ICMR authorized labs with an interval of more than 24 hours should be considered for recovery. The latest date of the two negative nucleic acid (RT-PCR) test reports shall be considered as the date of recovery. Over 14 days after the date of recovery, without any abnormal symptoms during the 14-day health-monitoring period, the passengers can make travel arrangements and take the double-nucleic acid (RT-PCR) tests before boarding.

    Ⅳ. Self-monitoring Requirement for Close Contacts or Passengers Showing Suspected Symptoms

    Passengers who have had close contact with the confirmed, suspected or asymptomatic cases and passengers who have shown suspected symptoms such as high body temperature, cough, or diarrhea in the last 14 days are requested to undergo health monitoring for 5 days. After 5 days of health monitoring, and without any abnormal symptoms during that period, the passengers can make travel arrangements and take the double-nucleic acid (RT-PCR) tests before boarding.

    Ⅴ. Important Reminder

    1. Passengers who depart from India and transit via a third country to China should take double-nucleic acid (RT-PCR) tests of COVID-19 and apply for Green Health Code respectively in India and in the transiting country. It is suggested to consult with the Chinese Embassy or Consulates in the transiting country and refer to their website in advance regarding whether transit is feasible, local regulations on entry, quarantine, and epidemic prevention, as well as testing requirements. Then book the nucleic acid (RT-PCR) tests of COVID-19 in the labs of the transiting country and apply for the second Green Health Code according to the requirements of the Chinese Embassy or Consulates in the transiting country. Please make sure that either there should be testing facilities in the transiting airport, or passengers can enter the transiting country with valid travel documents to take nucleic acid (RT-PCR) tests, otherwise, Green Health Code will not be issued by the Chinese Embassy or Consulates-General in India.

    2. Please declare your COVID-19 infection history, close contact history, high body temperature, and other suspected symptoms in good faith. In case of concealment or deception, the Chinese Embassy or Consulates-General in India will refuse to issue Green Health Code, passengers concerned shall bear the responsibilities and consequences incurred by themselves.

    3. China-bound passengers from India shall take necessary epidemic preventive measures before boarding, during the time of travel, till arrival in China, as well as observe local regulations with respect to COVID-19 prevention and control upon arrival in China.

    4. In order to ensure Green Health Code to be issued before boarding, please upload the required materials and apply for Green Health Code 6 hours before departure. If the uploaded materials are not complete or do not meet the requirements, the application will not be approved, and a new application should be submitted.

    5. Contact information of the Chinese Embassy in India. Telephone Number: 0091-11-26112343. Email: [email protected] (For Foreign Nationals), [email protected] (For Chinese Nationals).

    Passengers who reside in Maharashtra or Karnataka should apply to the Chinese Consulate-General in Mumbai for Green Health Code. Please refer to its website or consult with it. Telephone Number: 0091-9769581336. Email: consulate_[email protected]  

    Passengers who reside in Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chattisgarh, or West Bengal should apply to the Chinese Consulate-General in Kolkata for Green Health Code. Please refer to its website or consult with it. Telephone Number: 0091-33-40045211(For Foreign Nationals, Chinese language only)or 0091-33-23377712 (For Foreign Nationals, English or Bangali only), 0091-9163390711 (for Chinese Nationals). Email: [email protected] 

    Ⅵ. Implementation

    This notice will be implemented from 1 July 2022. The Chinese Embassy in India reserves the right to explanation. If there is any inconsistency between the present notice and the previously released ones, the latest version shall prevail. The above-mentioned measures will be updated in the future according to the requirement of the Chinese government as well as the development of the epidemic situation and the imported cases of COVID-19.

    Before you go to China, it is important that you have all of the appropriate paperwork.

    a person s hand holding a pen near a piece of paper
    Before you go to China, it is important that you have all of the appropriate paperwork.
    A copy of the original diploma that has been notarized

    Notarization may be accomplished in one of three methods, all of which are recognized by the Chinese government:

    1. The Notary Public Office or the Chinese Embassy in the nation you are in.
    2. The embassy of your country in China

    (You will need to verify that they are able to certify your diploma since the vast majority of nations do not provide this service.)

    person wearing analog watch
    The Chinese Education Website (the process takes more than a month)
    The Chinese Education Website Registration (the process takes more than a month) (Education Credential Validation and Verification System) (Use a VPN if living in India)

    The following materials are required:

    1. “Diploma of the Initial Educational Experience”
    2. Official Academic Transcript
    3. 2-inch photograph

    Please Note: You are required to bring relevant documents with you if you have earned one-third of your credits from other colleges.

    police fun funny uniform
    A certificate stating there are no criminal records that have been notarized
    A certificate stating there are no criminal records that have been notarized

    For this, you will need to go to an official location in your own nation, such as a police station or a courtroom, to receive it. ( Police NOC from a local nearest police station in India)

    After that, you’ll need to get it notarized at either the Chinese Embassy in your home country or the embassy of your home nation in China.

    Please Note: Russian citizens may receive notarized proof that they do not have a criminal record from the Russian Embassy in China. They are required to accomplish it inside their own nation in the vast majority of countries.

    A letter of recommendation for jobs in China
    A letter of recommendation for jobs in China
    A letter of recommendation

    Your manager or a colleague should specify your position, working hours, projects you worked on, as well as your reference’s connections, sign, or stamp in the letter of recommendation that they write for you. This reference needs to be connected to the position that you are going to have, demonstrating that you have the skills and expertise that are required for the job.

    Please Note: The job experience you gained throughout your academic training will not be considered.

    In conclusion, if you are currently in your home country, I strongly advise you to visit the Chinese Embassy in order to get your schooling certificate and a statement certifying that you do not have a criminal record notarized there since this is the most secure method. But before you can have it stamped at the Chinese embassy, you may need to get a certificate from someone first, such as “foreign affairs.”

    Is it possible for me to visit China before applying for a working visa?

    You may visit China at any time so long as you have a valid business or tourist visa. Jobs in china for Indian in Shenzhen is a city that offers a diverse range of options. You shouldn’t be concerned that you won’t be able to find work. Due to the fact that you have advantages in language, this city can always find work for you, such as marketing positions. Because of their advantages in language skills, social media, advertising, and other areas, many businesses in this region need foreign workers. Once you have an offer of employment and provide the employer with all of the documentation listed above, they will often be able to assist you in obtaining a “work permit” and a “residence permit because of working” within one and a half months.

    After the expiration date of my visa, what options do I have for continuing my stay in China?

    (With regard to persons who do not possess a valid residency permit) In the Public Security Bureau’s Division of Exit-entry Administration, you will find the option to renew your visa once. Then, if you wish to extend your stay beyond that, you will have to go to Hong Kong in order to get a new visa.

    How do they determine if someone gets what score?

    You will be placed in classification B if you have sixty, and you will be placed in classification A if you are beyond the age of eighty-five

    How do they determine if someone gets what score?

    Where to learn for HSK Exams? offer intensive Chinese classes in Vashi from beginner level to advanced levels. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced. is the best Chinese class in Navi Mumbai for learning chinese. trains you for the Chinese proficiency test conducted by Hanban (Confucius Institute) where they train for HSK 1, HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 4, HSK 5, HSK 6, and Kids under 16 years of age Youth Chinese YCT 1, YCT 2, YCT 3, YCT 4. They also provide training for Business Chinese Test BCT 1 and BCT 2.

    Their Courses follow the set curriculum by Hanban governed by a Chinese government body. You can visit their blog on why learn Chinese?

    Their teaching methodology is based on the traditional method of learning the Chinese language. believes that students should learn Chinese through real-life experiences. Therefore, provides students with opportunities to practice speaking, listening, reading, writing, and other skills in daily life.

    Where can I find jobs in China?

    What are the best job portals in china? Where to find jobs in china? What are the best places to search for jobs in china? How to find jobs in china? Jobs for Indians in china and how to find them?

    Search for jobs on websites such as:

    Search for jobs  in China
    Search for jobs in China

    A tip before you go for your work interview

    Before you go in for the interview, put yourself in the shoes of the company that will be hiring you and ask yourself the following question: Why would they want to hire you as opposed to a Chinese individual who is already familiar with the Chinese environment, has the experience, and likely makes a fraction of the wage that you might command? If you’re working for an international company, you may be wondering why they wouldn’t send an employee from the home office who is already familiar with the operations of the company to China. When you answer these questions, you will have a better understanding of your actual worth in the market, and you will also be able to determine the kind of firm that would have a reason to recruit you.

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