Language Learners Must Visit the Most Friendly Countries!

learn language of the most friendly countries.

Language Learners Must Visit the Most Friendly Countries!

You’ve probably heard phrases like “practice makes perfect” when you started learning a new language. So much so that it must have become embedded in your psyche! But what type of practice do you require? It must be difficult to practice speaking a second language when your friends and family are unfamiliar with it. You guessed it! Here are a handful of the kindest and most hospitable countries you should visit. You can practice your second language there. This blog will tell you which are the friendly countries that language learners must visit.

Nothing is more repulsive than conversing in a foreign language with the natives of that country. Consider this: they are exposed to a diverse environment with continual tourists throughout the year. And because these tourists learn the language incorrectly, a slight contempt towards tourists is warranted. This is understandable! Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most hospitable countries!

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    Portuguese is the official language of Brazil.
    Remember wanting to plan one of those Goa holidays with your friends? Add healthier air, safer roads, and less expensive tourist attractions. This is exactly how Portugal is. There is a distinction between the friendliest and happiest countries on the planet. Portugal, on the other hand, leads both charts! The country is a blanket of warmth and friendly discourse, with residents greeting tourists and ex-pats! Portugal’s beaches, cuisine, open warm sun, and sand are just a few of the factors that contribute to the country’s easygoing and laid-back attitude. Who can blame them for wanting to live the same life?


    Mandarin is the official language of China.
    Consider this: You’ve just finished your Mandarin Classes with us and want to put your Mandarin skills to the test. What better location to practise your Mandarin than in Taiwan’s tranquil mountain villages? The mountains jut out of the ocean, surrounded by beautiful green forests. Furthermore, the kind mood of the individuals there makes you feel just at home! Taiwan is one of the most peaceful and friendly countries on our list, from visiting Buddhist temples and villages to taking a boat trip on Sun Moon Lake!


    Language- Spanish Mexicans appear to be among the friendliest people. All visitors are greeted with great excitement and energy! Whether it’s a peaceful tour of some of the most beautiful beaches or an adrenaline rush at some adventure activities, Mexicans are always accommodating to bad Spanish and will make you feel completely at home! They are willing to assist ex-pats and tourists in improving their Spanish. Some cynical agents may argue that Mexico’s tourism business is what drives the country, thus too much friendliness may come at a cost. But the beauty of Mexico makes it worthwhile! This country will be your favourite Spanish class of all time!


    Language- Khmer

    Do you know that anxious, scary feeling of being judged for your half-learned and inadequate language skills? Are you scared of traveling scams in a new country? That feeling does not exist in Cambodia. With people being as hospitable then ever, the country is one of the safest tourist destinations.

    Even though Khmer isn’t one of the popular languages on language learners’ lists, it is an engaging language nevertheless. What better place to finesse your Khmer over some popular, scrumptious Samlor Korkor or a bowl of Khmer noodles?

    Costa Rica

    Language- Spanish

    If you’re an animal lover, fancy adventurous activities, and Spanish is your second language, Costa Rica should be on your list of counties to travel to!

    With some incredible national parks, fascinating activities like zip lines, canoeing, rafting, and even an amusing day spent amidst wildlife, Costa Rica has it all! Once you’ve finished your Spanish course with us, head right over to Costa Rica! You never know, you might love it so much that you’d want to move too!


    Japanese is the language used.
    This East Asian country has a strong sense of honour, customs, and traditions. This lovely kingdom of the rising Sun maintains a disciplined and healthy way of life. It results in effective growth in their lives. From the captivating beauty and calm of Buddhist monasteries to the frenetic city life and activities, Japan offers it all! Because of the country’s homogeneity, travellers and ex-pats must improve their Japanese in order to fit in. Despite their strong personalities and reverence for their traditions, the Japanese are extremely kind and hospitable. Learn Japanese with our Japanese Classes today, and then travel to Japan to put the icing on the cake!

    In your multilingual fantasies, you could be boldly or shyly closing agreements with your Japanese clients. attempting to get a croissant in a French cafe as everyone else mocks your French. Whatever side you are on, this list of the nicest countries may surprise you. It will even inspire you to travel while learning a second language! You might be astonished by the almost limitless possibilities that language tourism has to offer! Information
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