Languages from Around the World That Is Amusing!

languages around the world.

Languages from Around the World That Is Amusing!

Did you know that there are around 7,100 languages in the world? That is nearly equivalent to the total number of cities on the planet! This indicates that practically every city has a dominant language, and that’s a lot! However, just around ten of them are spoken by half of the world’s population.

Let us learn about the languages around the world that are in the oddest haystack of languages. Languages were created to make communication easier. But after learning some of the strangest languages, I’m left wondering how they don’t wreak havoc when talking!

Silbo Gomero

Have you heard of linguistic transposition? Neither do I! This language translates Spanish with whistles! Consider some Canary Islanders whistling to one another. Isn’t it strange? The Guanches, the island’s indigenous occupants, used this language to communicate over deep ravines and small valleys. The pitch and consistency of the whistles differ. The language has 2 to 4 vowels and around 4 consonants, all of which vary in tone.

Imagine carrying on a discussion over a long distance using whistles instead of words! I can’t even whistle for a minute!


The list of odd languages is endless! If whistles aren’t your thing, there’s Xhosa, or click language. South Africans speak Xhosa as their second language. This seemingly sophisticated language includes 18 consonants and 5 vowels characterized by their tonal lows and highs. Did you know Nelson Mandela was also a Xhosa?


This other intricate, clicking language spoken by South Africans is maybe the world’s largest. It features more than 55 consonants, 30 vowels, and 4 tones, making understanding the numerous forms of clicking noises difficult.


This language emerged in Brazil as a dialect spoken by Amazon Rainforest residents. It is one of the most perplexing languages, with no terms for colors or quantity. Quantities are stated with the words hói and ho, which indicate “little quantity” and “greater quantity,” respectively. Imagine how foolish and time-consuming it must be to go grocery shopping and buy a dozen apples!

Mixtec Chalcatongo

Have you ever been in an unpleasant situation when you couldn’t determine whether someone was questioning you or telling you something? This perfectly describes how it feels to speak Chalcatongo!

This language, spoken by about 6,000 individuals in Oaxaca, Mexico, is one of the most perplexing, with no sentence structure. It is a verb-initial language, which means that sentences begin with a verb; just 8% of languages obey this norm.

Apart from the perplexing sentence structuralism, this language is centered on intonations. This means that the same word spoken in different tones has multiple meanings. Imagine having a sore throat and accidentally speaking something you didn’t mean!

It’s a galaxy full of diverse vocabulary, syntax, and regulations when it comes to languages. Every individual has a distinct language. Consider how you and your cousin pronounce a specific word. There is a distinction. Other languages appear amusing due to a preconceived assumption about how a language should be spoken. Humans devised everything to express their thoughts and communicate with others, including whistles, clicks, signs, and music.

It’s intriguing and encouraging to think about how individuals have a special connection that allows them to understand the odds of languages! This collection only scratches the surface of all the hilarious languages. A huge collection of forms exists beneath our conventional understanding of languages.


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