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Learn Faster? Design At Home Program

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Making a Home Language Learning Study Plan

Language teacher. Language students often grumble about not making progress. Feeling trapped.

When I inquire how they study, they say they use a free language app for 10 minutes a day. No wonder they are failing!

A complete language study program is needed to learn a language. Pimsleur’s language classes are wonderful for this, but you may need additional material.

Language programs are easy to create. This article walks you through creating an at-home language immersion program. I suggest my pupils construct this software to supplement their teachings.

This program will motivate you to study your desired language.
4 Rules for Home Language Immersion

Language learning is simple, but there are a few things to remember.
Daily Practice

Daily exposure accelerates language learning. It is best not to study all day. Daily practice should last 30–60 minutes.
Actively Participate

Language learning works best when you use it. Listen to a podcast at the gym or while cooking, but also try to sit down and focus on your language activities.

  1. Choose a level.

Choose things that are challenging but not too easy. Find moderately difficult activities. Pimsleur’s graded levels simplify this, but you can do it yourself. As you improve, make your activities harder.

  1. Use Four Skills.

Language requires hearing, speaking, reading, and writing. These abilities should be practiced in your home language program.

5 Steps to Home Language Study and Immersion

Step 1: Take a level test.

Assess your language level before building your software. Thus, you can determine your activities’ difficulty. Seeing your progress will urge you to keep going.

Find a free online test using your preferred search engine to determine your level.

  1. Set a language goal.

Determine your destination next. Pick a meaningful aim you can easily measure. Your objective could be:

Portuguese beer ordering at a pub
Talk politics in Japanese.
Netflix a Spanish-language show.
Read French news.
CEFR C1 Italian.

Goals help. It will help you find activities and stay motivated to practice your language every day.
Select activities.

Select activities now.

Pick fun activities. You will not learn a language if it is a chore. Language study should be entertaining!

You will learn faster and enjoy doing tasks you like. Each of the four talents has examples of activities.

Friend online. Speaking another language is the best approach to improve. Internet chats with native speakers of your chosen language are easy. Here are native speaker locations and online language exchange tips.
Join a chat club. Most cities have conversation clubs. MeetUp has local conversation groups. Try your library or community center. If your language does not have one, create one!


Podcasts. Language-learning podcasts are great. They improve listening and speaking. Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other apps have foreign-language podcasts. Another amazing podcast search tool is TuneIn.
Netflix. Netflix lets you study a language while watching TV. Avoid English subtitles. You will learn less. Instead, watch without subtitles or with your target language. You will learn faster but initially understand less.
YouTube. YouTube has fascinating, valuable content. Watch YouTube videos in your target language to maximize your time. Here are some Spanish-learning channels.


Read. Find easy, brief articles for beginners. Read the news or harder items as your language improves. Harry Potter or Agatha Christie can be reread in your target language. Just read for pleasure.  
Social media. You probably already use social media to practice reading. Follow interesting people and read their content daily. Follow Brazilian slang, French chefs, or Spanish pop singers on Instagram.
Read recipes. Why not explore a culture through its food? Food, kitchen, and cooking verbs can be learned from recipes. Best of all, you will eat well. Try French onion soup, pizza, feijoada, noodles, or ramen.


Write letters. Why not write letters in your target language? You’ll bond and have fun. Email can be used if paper and pen become too difficult. Italian love letter suggestions.
Send texts. Texting is wonderful writing practice. Find a practicing friend and text them everyday. No language-speaking friends? Instead, comment on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
Web dating. You single? Change your dating app settings to a language-speaking country. My Brazilian friend did this and texts a Norwegian guy daily. Both practice English. It is a good technique to practice writing, but not for finding a spouse. Before you start, check out our American-European dating guide.

4: Schedule.

After choosing your activities, schedule them.

Do something every day. For instance, you might use Pimsleur’s language learning platform Monday through Friday for 30 minutes before work, listen to a podcast while working out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, read a foreign language news story on Wednesdays, and chat with a buddy on Saturday mornings. Practice daily to improve.

You can also substitute language learning with other hobbies. Watch Netflix or social media in Spanish instead of English. Instead of English supper recipes, try Italian. Text pals in Portuguese instead of English. These methods let you learn without studying.
Step 5: Revise.

Reassess your program frequently. If you are progressing swiftly, pick new activities that challenge you at your higher level.

Rewrite the program if it fails. Maybe you do not like your activities. They may be underprepared.

Adjust your home language program to suit you.

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