Chinese HSK 2




Course Title: Proficient Chinese Language Proficiency with HSK 2 for Exam Success

Course Description: Embark on a journey to achieve proficiency in the Chinese language using the effective HSK 2 approach. This thoughtfully designed course enhances your language skills and equips you with the essential grammar knowledge needed to excel in the HSK 2 exam. With unit-wise organization, practical examples, and engaging activities, you’ll be fully prepared for success in both language learning and the HSK 2 exam.

Course Outline:

Unit 1: Basic Conversations and Greetings

  • Learning essential greetings and introductory phrases
  • Engaging in simple conversations and exchanges
  • HSK 2 grammar focus: Basic sentence structures and particles

Unit 2: Describing Everyday Activities

  • Talking about daily routines and activities
  • Expressing preferences and simple opinions
  • HSK 2 grammar focus: Present tense verbs and basic vocabulary

Unit 3: Numbers, Time, and Dates

  • Learning numbers, telling time, and discussing dates
  • Describing schedules and basic time expressions
  • HSK 2 grammar focus: Counting and time-related vocabulary

Unit 4: Describing Locations and Directions

  • Asking for and giving directions
  • Describing locations and places in the city
  • HSK 2 grammar focus: Basic location particles and directions

Unit 5: Expressing Likes and Dislikes

  • Sharing likes, dislikes, and preferences
  • Talking about hobbies and interests
  • HSK 2 grammar focus: Expressing preferences and basic verbs

Unit 6: Ordering Food and Making Requests

  • Ordering food at restaurants and cafes
  • Making simple requests and inquiries
  • HSK 2 grammar focus: Ordering phrases and imperative forms

Unit 7: Talking About Family and Relationships

  • Describing family members and relationships
  • Expressing possession and talking about family roles
  • HSK 2 grammar focus: Family-related vocabulary and possessive particles

Unit 8: HSK 2 Practice and Test Strategies

  • Practice exercises for the HSK 2 exam
  • Grammar revision and effective test-taking strategies
  • HSK 2 exam preparation techniques

Additional Resources:

Songs for HSK 2 Level:

  • “小苹果” (Little Apple) by 筷子兄弟 (Chopstick Brothers)
  • “晴天” (Clear Day) by 周杰伦 (Jay Chou)
  • “演员” (Actor) by 薛之谦 (Xue Zhiqian)

Movies for HSK 2 Level:

  • “大鱼海棠” (Big Fish & Begonia) (Animation/Fantasy)
  • “西游伏妖篇” (Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back) (Adventure/Comedy)
  • “疯狂的外星人” (Crazy Alien) (Comedy/Sci-Fi)

By integrating the HSK 2 approach with grammar points and recommended songs and movies, this comprehensive course ensures you acquire language skills, cultural insights, and the confidence to excel in both real-life scenarios and the HSK 2 exam.


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