Course Title: Comprehensive Korean Language Course with Topik 1 for Topik 1 Exam Success

Course Description:

Embark on a comprehensive journey to master the Korean language at the Topik 1 level using the effective Topik 1 approach. This meticulously designed course not only helps you develop fluency but also equips you with the essential grammar skills to excel in the Topik 1 exam. With a unit-wise structure, real-life examples, and engaging multimedia, you’ll be fully prepared for success in both your language journey and the Topik 1 exam.

Course Outline:
Unit 1: Greetings and Basic Conversations
  • Learning common greetings and introductions
  • Forming simple sentences and questions
  • Topik 1 grammar focus: Basic sentence structures and particles
Unit 2: Daily Life and Routine
  • Discussing daily routines and activities
  • Talking about personal habits and preferences
  • Topik 1 grammar focus: Present tense verbs and time expressions
Unit 3: Family and Relationships
  • Talking about family members and relationships
  • Describing people and possessions
  • Topik 1 grammar focus: Possessive particles and honorifics
Unit 4: Directions and Locations
  • Asking for and giving directions
  • Describing locations and places
  • Topik 1 grammar focus: Location particles and basic verbs
Unit 5: Food and Drinks
  • Discussing food preferences and meals
  • Ordering at a restaurant
  • Topik 1 grammar focus: Ordering phrases and basic modifiers
Unit 6: Shopping and Numbers
  • Vocabulary for shopping and counting
  • Talking about prices and quantities
  • Topik 1 grammar focus: Counting units and numbers
Unit 7: Hobbies and Interests
  • Talking about hobbies and interests
  • Expressing likes and dislikes
  • Topik 1 grammar focus: Adjective endings and particles
Unit 8: Weather and Seasons
  • Describing weather and seasons
  • Talking about plans and activities
  • Topik 1 grammar focus: Future tense and weather expressions
Unit 9: Topik 1 Practice and Test Strategies
  • Mock Topik 1 exam practice
  • Grammar review and consolidation
  • Effective exam strategies

Additional Resources:

Songs for Topik 1 Level:
  • “아무노래” (Any Song) by 지코 (ZICO)
  • “에잇” (eight) by 아이유 (IU) ft. 슬기 (Seulgi)
  • “밤편지” (Through the Night) by 아이유 (IU)
Movies for Topik 1 Level:
  • “기생충” (Parasite) (Drama/Comedy/Thriller)
  • “신과함께: 죄와 벌” (Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds) (Fantasy/Drama)
  • “국제시장” (Ode to My Father) (Drama/War)

By integrating the Topik 1 approach with Topik 1 grammar points and recommended songs and movies, this comprehensive course ensures that you gain practical language skills, cultural insights, and the confidence to excel in both real-life situations and the Topik 1 exam.


Exams they can appear for after completing this course:

TOPIK  Certificate 1

Main Objectives:

the Korean Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) 1 level encompass the development of advanced language skills to facilitate nuanced communication and comprehension. This involves refining listening, reading, writing, and speaking proficiencies to comprehend complex discussions and texts, as well as express oneself fluently and coherently on a range of subjects. Mastery of intricate grammar, vocabulary, and hanja characters equips candidates to engage in in-depth conversations, comprehend various literary works, and effectively navigate academic and professional contexts in Korean. Achieving TOPIK 1vproficiency signifies the ability to participate confidently in diverse social and intellectual interactions, marking significant progress towards higher linguistic competence and cultural engagement.


TOPIK  1 : Three months

Course Certification


After successfully completing the Basic Certificate Course (Level 1), you will be eligible to get the Certificate that is commensurate with your accomplishment of level 1. A score of at least fifty percent is required in order to be awarded the certification, which must be accomplished before moving on to the next level of study. It is recommended, however, that a minimum score of sixty to sixty-five percent be attained in order to gain a good level of skill and a strong grasp of this level.

Certified Trainer


Every single one of the teachers for this course has their credentials verified and has completed extensive in-house training as part of our Teachers Training Programme. The instructors are very knowledgeable about the material covered in the class, and they will also include a cultural component into the lessons in order to provide you with an authentic introduction to the German-speaking world.



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