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Introduction to Chinese Festivals

Discover the vibrant traditions and celebrations of Chinese festivals. From the colorful lanterns of the Spring Festival to the mooncakes of the Mid-Autumn Festival, each celebration is filled with rich cultural heritage.

Spring Festival: The Most Important Celebration

The Spring Festival marks the beginning of the lunar new year. Families gather, enjoy reunion dinners, and set off fireworks to welcome the new year.

Dragon Boat Festival:  A Time for Racing and Zongzi

Celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, the Dragon Boat Festival features dragon boat races and eating zongzi, sticky rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves.

Mid-Autumn Festival:  Mooncakes and Moonlit Nights

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated with family gatherings, moon-viewing, and eating mooncakes. It honors the moon and the harvest.

Lantern Festival: Lighting Up the Night

Marking the end of the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival is celebrated with beautiful lantern displays, lion dances, and solving lantern riddles.