Master Everyday Conversations:  Common Phrases

"Qué tal?

Use "¿Qué tal?" as a casual way to ask how someone is doing.

Buenos Días

"Hasta luego" means "see you later" and is used to say goodbye when you plan to see someone again soon.

Hasta luego

"Con permiso"

Use "Con permiso" to politely ask for someone's attention or to move past them.

No entiendo

"No entiendo" is a useful phrase when you don't comprehend something and need clarification.

Train Tracks




Station Clock



Yellow Bridge


¿Puede ayudarme, por favor?

Use this polite request when asking for assistance.

Me gusta

Express your preference for something using "Me gusta."

Visit famed Winery Menegolli, near Verona.

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Tengo hambre

Use this phrase to express hunger. It's handy when ordering food.

Estoy perdido/a

Use "Estoy perdido/a" when you need help finding your way around.