Top 5 Chinese Books for Learners

Dive into the world of Chinese literature and language with these top 5 books specially curated for learners. Enhance your language skills while exploring captivating stories and cultural insights.

"The Secret Garden" (秘密花园)

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

A classic children's novel, "The Secret Garden" offers an engaging story that's relatively easy for beginners to follow. This bilingual edition helps learners with side-by-side English and Chinese text.

"Chinese Breeze Series" (汉语风)

LIU Yuehua

This series of graded readers is designed specifically for Chinese learners. With various levels from beginner to advanced, each book includes pinyin, English translations, and exercises.

"Journey to the West" (西游记)

by Wu Cheng'en

This simplified version of the classic novel follows the adventures of the Monkey King and his companions. It's an excellent way to dive into Chinese mythology and folklore.

"Tales and Traditions" (中华传统故事)

by Yun Xiao

This book features a collection of traditional Chinese stories and legends. Each story is presented with pinyin, English translations, and exercises to aid comprehension.

"Contemporary Chinese Short Stories" (当代中文短篇小说)

Yu Luojin

A collection of short stories by modern Chinese authors, this book provides learners with exposure to contemporary language and themes. Annotations and vocabulary lists support language learning.