What are Ivy League Schools?

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What are Ivy League Schools?

Know all about Ivy League schools and their prestigious reputation in the world

The Northeastern United States is home to the private colleges and universities that make up the Ivy League. These universities have a distinguished history, a reputation for academic brilliance, admissions that are extremely selective, and long histories. The universities of the Ivy League are among the most prestigious and competitive in the world.

In the US, there are 8 private research universities that make up the Ivy League. In this blog, we’ll examine the history of the Ivy League colleges individually as well as how they differ from other American universities.

Why are these called Ivy League schools?

The Ivy League, established in the 1950s, focuses on college football, with the Ivy Green Agreements establishing standards for elite universities.

How to apply to an Ivy League school?

Ivy League schools have competitive admissions processes, but each has its own requirements for potential students. Generally speaking, in order to apply to an Ivy League school, you must:

An outstanding GPA and SAT score

interest in extracurricular activities

experience serving others

(Letters of Reference)

After submitting your application, you might receive an interview invitation.

The majority of applicants to Ivy League schools have GPAs between 3.85 and 4.18. However, the admissions committee takes other factors into account in addition to academic performance. They also take into account a wide range of additional factors, including extracurricular activity and the discharge of social obligations.

Ivy League Universities: tuition fees and Scholarships 

Private universities make up Ivy League institutions. The cost of tuition is higher for both local and overseas students than it is for kids who attend public institutions. Ivy League education normally costs around $56,000 USD per year. Boston and New York have comparatively higher living expenses.

However, Ivy League schools provide merit-based scholarships that can support your further education at the top institution. There are many various kinds of scholarships, and each one is unique based on the institution, the division, and the degree program. Book a private consultation with one of our advisors to find out more about Ivy League scholarships.

Difference between Ivy League schools and other universities

Many people consider the Ivy League colleges to be the greatest of the best universities in the US due to their history, remarkable alumni lists, and reputation. They actually don’t differ all that much from other prestigious American universities.

Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and many more US universities are also doing extraordinarily well.

Instead than focusing on a university’s reputation when deciding which American university to attend, think about what you need. View some of our previous blog posts on the finest US cities for international students and studying abroad in the US. A free one-on-one consultation with one of our consultants can also be scheduled. Allow us to aid you in locating the program

List of Ivy League schools

The Ivy League universities are the epitome of intellectual achievement and are associated with distinction. These eight prestigious colleges, which make up a group, have a long history, demanding academic curricula, and a reputation for turning out top-notch graduates. Each Ivy League university offers a special combination of intellectual rigor, research opportunities, and a lively community, from the ivy-covered walls of Harvard to the vibrant campus life at Yale. Ivy League colleges continue to be at the forefront of education, drawing top-tier students from all over the world, with a dedication to developing future leaders and cultivating a culture of innovation. The eight Ivy League institutions are as follows:

  • Brown University
  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
  • Princeton University

1. Brown University

2023 QS World University Ranking #63
2022 US News ranking #14

One of the first research universities in the US was established when Brown University was established in Rhode Island in 1764. Harvard University is about a 1.5-hour drive away.

The campus of Brown University is liberal and supports ingenuity and originality. Students have a great deal of discretion while choosing their courses. With the assistance of academic advisors, students can study a variety of subject areas, select their majors, and then, if they have earned sufficient credits, receive their degrees.

2. Princeton University

2023 QS World University Ranking #162022 US News ranking #1

One of the top research universities in the United States and one of the most selective, Princeton University was established in 1746. Only 6.1% of applicants to Princeton University’s undergraduate programs were accepted in 2021. The three universities known as the Big Three—Princeton, Harvard, and Yale—have an unmatched reputation.

98% of the students at Princeton University reside on campus in residence halls. Although they must take the necessary courses, freshmen are not obligated to declare a major. In their second year of college, students choose their majors. Individual students can access a wealth of services at Princeton University. Only 1,000 pupils or fewer enroll each year. Professors devote a lot of time to each student.

3. Columbia University

2023 QS World University Ranking #222022 US News ranking #18

One of the five oldest American universities, Columbia University was founded in 1754. Numerous politicians and Nobel laureates have come from it. Columbia University, a renowned academic institution with the third-largest library among US universities, is situated in Manhattan, New York City.

Students at Columbia University have a lot of freedom. Any of the three semesters of the academic year are open to new students. Additionally, they have the option to pass exams to avoid taking additional electives.

4. Cornell University

2023 QS World University Ranking #202022 US News ranking #17

The only Ivy League institution created after the American Revolutionary War is Cornell University. It began to exist in 1865. The main campus of Cornell University is located in Ithaca, New York State, and there are also satellite campuses in New York City and Qatar. The largest Southeast Asia Program in the United States is located at Cornell University.

With hundreds of student organizations, Cornell University also has one of the most diverse campuses. Campus police at Cornell University are on duty around-the-clock and have nearly the same authority as the Ithaca Police Department to safeguard students.

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