What Is Culture Day In Japan?

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What Is Culture Day In Japan?

The Japanese people get together to celebrate Culture Day every year on November 3rd. This national holiday exists only to honour the nation’s culture and to advance its artistic and scholarly endeavours.

This inventive festival, also known as Bunka no Hi, takes place during a variety of occasions. We shall explore the lengthy history of Japanese Culture Day in this post and highlight some key moments.

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    History of Japanese Cultural Day

    Since its first observance on November 3, 1868, Meiji-setsu has served as a national holiday in Japan. The event honours the birth of Emperor Meiji. The celebration was abruptly ended after his death in 1912.

    As a way to celebrate this momentous occasion, the third of November was designated as Culture Day in 1948, just two years after the Constitution of Japan came into force.

    In honour of Emperor Meiji’s birth, the Meiji-setsu was created.

    Japan has many different events for Culture Day every year to show off its arts, culture, and educational system. People can go to museums for free to learn about Japan and its people’s cultural history.

    Also, this is a very important day because it is all about students and schools.

    How Culture Day Celebrated In Japan?

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    From award ceremonies and parades to talent shows and other extravaganzas, there are many events that you can encounter during Culture Day in Japan.

    Although November 3rd marks the national holiday for this occasion, the celebration can last for days. Here are some of the most noteworthy events of Japanese Culture Day.

    1. Order of Culture

    On February 11, 1937, the Japanese Order of Culture was established. It is given to Japanese citizens who have made important contributions to the country’s literature, science, technology, education, and culture.

    The person who gets this order gets a lifetime annuity. You can watch the awards ceremony, which happens every year on November 3rd.

    2. Decoration Of Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force

    On this day, you can marvel at the Japanese self-defence ships adorned with flags and decorations as they dock in bases and ports.

    3. Free Entry To Museums And Galleries:

    On February 11, 1937, the Japanese Order of Culture was established. Japanese nationals who have made outstanding contributions to literature, science, technology, education, and Japanese culture are awarded it.

    The recipients of this order will receive a lifetime income. It is possible to view the yearly awards ceremony, which will take place on November 3.

    Things You Should Know About Japanese Culture

    Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu

    Since 1935, a lord procession has been held every year in Hakone, a mountain village near Mount Fuji. During the Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu, you can see a lot of different and interesting things, like a parade of armoured samurai, marching bands, and traditional dances. Just make sure to stay on the streets in the Yumoto Onsen district from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

    Art Festival

    The Agency for Cultural Affairs, a division of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), organises an art festival to raise awareness of Japanese arts and culture on the occasion of Culture Day of Japan. You may see outstanding Japanese artworks and take in a variety of performances.

    Meiji Shrine Autumn Festival

    This three-day celebration honouring the late Emperor Meiji’s birthday is held at the shrine. You can anticipate witnessing enthralling performances of traditional Japanese music and dance, dance plays, self-defense martial arts, horseback archery, and the sumo ring entering ritual.

    Here are some of the most common Japanese cultural practises that you can try:

    • When addressing someone, bow.
    • Before you enter someone’s home, take off your shoes.
    • If you’re unwell, put on a mask.
    • People are not expected to receive tips.
    • Give and receive gifts with both hands.
    • Before entering a hot spring, take a bath.
    • When you’re through eating, always lay your chopsticks down in front of you with the tips facing the left and the end facing the right.
    • Considering that today is Culture Day


    In conclusion, if you intend to attend the Culture Day of Japan 2022, we strongly suggest that you book your travel as soon as possible. We hope that this page will assist you in learning more about Japanese Culture Day and in deciding which events you should attend.

    Take a class if you wish to learn Japanese.

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