You want to learn to speak Portuguese?

brazilian portuguese

You want to learn to speak Portuguese?

Brazil and Portugal, where Portuguese originated and you learn spanish

If you did not know, Portugal was a major player in the “Europe exploring the world, and colonizing the landmasses it found” era. On April 22, 1500, Portugal colonized Brazil, creating modern Brazil. The 2nd Portuguese India Armada, like Christopher Columbus, thought it had reached India and called American Natives “Indians.” It accidentally landed in Brazil.

However, the Portuguese capitalized on that accident. Brazil became independent on September 7, 1822, after being their colony. Of course, this leaves out much fascinating history.
Learn Which Portuguese Dialect?

Thus, you want to learn Portuguese, but which Portuguese language? Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Macau, Cape Verde, and São Tomé and Príncipe speak Portuguese. Brazil, the largest of those countries, is influencing Portuguese in Portugal through its appealing music and compelling soap operas.

Like American and British English, Brazilian and Portuguese Portuguese differ in vocabulary and grammar, but their phonology and prosody are much more distinct (even more than Parisian and Québécois French).

Thus, which Portuguese-speaking country you visit when learning the language matters!

learn languages teaches Portuguese.

It co-wrote the third edition of Brazilian Portuguese I, so this is on my mind. The program required all this study. I was glad to obtain the Brazilian form of the language since who does not adore long walks on pristine beaches, viewing sunsets with a caipirinha (Brazil’s national cocktail), and partying the sweltering Rio evenings away during Carnaval! Of course, Brazil has world-class museums, and many people say “Brazil” and immediately think “football” (or soccer!).

Unfortunately,does not send their course writers to the nations speaking the languages of their courses! My modest opinion: an evident oversight! I have never had a caipirinha on the beach or danced in the streets in sequins. However, writing the course made me adore Brazilian Portuguese. As a course writer, I do not learn Portuguese like a student does! The Pimsleur Method requires me to repeat the course “as a learner.” You would think studying all these languages would be a perk, but writers generally only recall their favorite phrases after writing the following course!)

I joke that Portuguese is the “language of cats” since the word for “no”—”não”—sounds like my family’s cat’s “meow.” Unfortunately, learning Portuguese while authoring the course has not revealed feline secret conversations, although I wonder if cats understand Portuguese speakers better than English speakers. If the mood strikes, they will ignore both.

Brazilian Portuguese has a beautiful flow and music. Brazilians are halfway to singing in everyday conversation, thus it is no surprise they make great music. Another reason to study Portuguese!

Favorite Portuguese Words

I like the “-zinho” diminutive finish. Brazilian coffee, like Italian espresso, is called cafezinho. “A little coffee” is a sweet, strong caffeine injection. It was served to guests, at business meetings, and at regular times throughout the day. Unfortunately, Italian-style cafés have threatened this indigenous practice, and in Brazil’s larger towns, you have to ask for the genuine cafezinho. If you are in Brazil, try it.

Tchauzinho—”little goodbye”—is linked. It is a quick goodbye. But it is a good phrase to sum up Brazilian Portuguese, which is a welcoming language and full of entertaining words that convey the culture’s enthusiasm. Listening and speaking are enjoyable.

To speak the appropriate Portuguese in Brazil, take a Brazilian Portuguese course. Pimsleur offers a European Portuguese course for Portugal visitors. My coworkers say that one is great.

Have fun learning Portuguese!

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